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Effektri is now Balanstri

Effektri got a new name: Balanstri! But not only the name has changed, the look and the bottle have also been adjusted.

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Did you know that our Omega-3 fish oil has several benefits for your dog? For example, it contributes to a shiny healthy coat and skin! ✨ In addition, it has a positive impact on your dog's overall resistance. For example, it supports brain development! 🙌 Check the link in bio for more knowledge about our supplement and your dog! 👍 #balanstri #effektri #omega3 #fish oil #olive oil #horses #dogs #cats
Did you know that we also have Omega-3 fish oil supplements for humans? 🤗 We have always used it for our products for people Balanstri+ brand, but in fact our animal products are exactly the same. We adhere to the same strict legislation in our animal products. By now merging all our supplements into one name, we bring our supplements for animals and humans closer together. Healthy animals deserve healthy owners and vice versa! 🤗 #balanstri #effektri #omega3 #fish oil #olive oil #horses #dogs #cats
Our Balanstri+ Omega-3 fish oil supplement has many benefits for your horse! 🐴 Among other things, it contributes to a shiny coat and full moons ✨! But in addition, it is also supportive of the wound healing process and inflammatory process. And Balanstri helps with the recovery of muscles and joints after heavy training or exercise! 🤗 Do you want to know more about this? An extensive knowledge base can be found on our website! 🙌 Check the link in bio! #balanstri #effektri #omega3 #fish oil #olive oil #horses #dogs #cats
As a dog owner, you want nothing more than that your pet can run and play painlessly and without stiffness, right? 🤗 Unfortunately that's not always the case... some of our four legged friends have trouble getting up or become stiff and stiff in their movements as they get older or due to arthritis 😕. What about your 🐶?👇🏻 #balanstri #new #effektri #omega3 #fish oil #olive oil #horses #dogs #cats
One of the advantages of our beautiful new Balanstri+ bottles is the new way of dosing! We have added a handy dosing cap to all our bottles. Here it is now even easier to choose the right amount of oil for your animal. The dosing cap is simply in the cap of the bottle, so you can never lose it! The 5L bottles (Horse) come with a handy dosing pump, so that you always have the right amount of oil! 👍 #balanstri #new #effektri #omega3 #fish oil #olive oil #horses #dogs #cats

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